The Battle For Bootle is a worker and community run campaign aimed at defending jobs and the local community.

All of HMRC’s offices in Bootle – The Triad, Litherland House and St John’s House – are set to close by 2020. Comben House in Netherton is closing in November 2018. All of the staff in these buildings are set to move to Liverpool – either to India Buildings as part of the new ‘Regional Centre’ or to the DWP in Imperial Court.

This will result in job losses for those staff unable to make the journey due to the length, the increased cost or other issues such as caring responsibilities. It will also devastate the local economy, putting many businesses particularly along Stanley Road who rely on HMRC staff custom to survive at risk of closure.

Our campaign demands:

  • That St John’s House is retained by HMRC in order to accommodate those staff who are unable to move to India Buildings
  • That those staff in scope to move to Universal Credit but unable to move to Liverpool are also retained in Bootle

The reasons for this are:

  • To defend the jobs of staff employed directly by HMRC
  • To defend the jobs of outsourced workers providing facility services to HMRC
  • To defend the local economy of the Bootle area

We will use all means at our disposal in order to achieve this aim.

This website will provide regular updates on how the campaign progresses as well as how you can support it and get involved.