Bootle protests against Spending Review cuts

Today (25 November) supporters of the Battle For Bootle campaign were among those who joined the anti-austerity protest outside the JobCentre in Bootle. The protest was staged to coincide with the Chancellor’s autumn statement, where he announced further cuts to public services.

Although the government made a massive u-turn on tax credit cuts, austerity is still expected to have a devestating impact on working class people on lower incomes. This includes the massive HMRC office closure programme.

Whilst the chancellor is giving HMRC a multi-billion pound bung to pay for its relocation programme at the expense of local communities, it has to make 15% cuts overall which will cost jobs and make it even harder for those who depend on the service to get in touch.

Gerry Noble, a member of the PCS HMRC Group Executive Committee, said: “It was wonderful to see PCS members from all neighbouring public sector workplaces and members of the local community stand together today in solidarity against these barbaric and ruthless attacks against our town.

“It is clear this Tory government’s austerity agenda is targeting the most deprived communities, and today Bootle publicly demonstrated that we simply won’t accept it.”

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