PCS Group Executive statement on HMRC office closures

HMRC Announce a Decade of Disruption

HMRC has now announced further details of its plans to cut the number of staff working for the organisation to 51,000 and reduce the number of locations at which the remaining staff are employed to 17. The location plans which HMRC propose to implement over the next decade, alongside their wider change agenda, pose a significant threat to the operation of HMRC as a business, its service to the public and the working lives of its staff.  The potential for disruption to the core operation of HMRC and the dislocation to the staff that work for the organisation is so significant that the proposals being made by HMRC must be subject to rigorous scrutiny before any attempt is made to implement them.

PCS is the trade union that collectively represents the vast majority of the current workforce.  PCS believes that the changes being proposed are of such magnitude for a critical public service that they must be subject to scrutiny both inside and outside of HMRC. PCS is therefore putting forward the following demands with the twin aims of ensuring that the employer’s proposals are subject to appropriate scrutiny and that the legitimate expectations of the workforce are met.

PCS is demanding that HMRC:

  • enter into substantive talks with PCS over the principles and impact of their location and change proposals, sharing all planning assumptions with the union
  • subject their location and change plans to parliamentary scrutiny
  • open an internal HMRC-wide consultation, alongside an external public consultation, which will inform further planning decisions and the parliamentary scrutiny
  • confirm that no action will be taken on implementing the locations proposals until the internal, along with the public, consultation has concluded and parliament has taken a view on the outcome

PCS will be consulting members about the announcements and HMRC have been informed that we are unable to support their proposals. The demands we are putting forward are essential and will form the basis of a campaign to ensure that HMRCs proposals are subject to rigorous scrutiny and consultation. We are asking that branches and members confirm that they agree with this approach.

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